Become a PBO - Quick Start Guide

To become a PBO, just follow these 3 easy steps!

1. Register with N1,650 only

2. Pay an Annual Administrative Fee of N36,000 only. This gives you 25PV also.

3. Subscribe towards your Home Ownership by paying in any of the following categories

Classic N15,000 (10PV + 25PV above making 35PV)

Elite – N150,000 (100PV + 25pv making N125PV) + 1 Bonus Point

VIP N1,500,000 (1000pv + 25PV making 1025PV) + 10 Bonus PV and 1 VIP Bonus PV or any amount in between.

You can continue to pay in any installment of your choice not less than N15,000 every month.