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Develop your personal and professional abilities from our numerous Professional Certification courses that we offer at the PBO Academy and become a better business owner.

Gain an intermediate knowledge of relevant skills that would progress your career. Be a certified student of our PBO Academy masterclass that helps you learn at your own pace.

Make better, faster and easier sales with relevant digital platform skills.

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Digital Marketing

Learn how to market products and connect to potential clients through the internet and social media.

Emotional Intelligence

Develop your EQ and learn tips that will equip you to establish and maintain strong connections with your clients to get repeated sales.

Team Building

Discover relevant skills that will help you build a working team and achieve Team work success easily.

Public Speaking

Hone your public speaking skills and master the ability to win over your clients via phone calls or in physical conversations.

Cold Outreach

Equip yourself with strategies of outbound marketing that would help you pitch product and service to people and convince them.

Sales Closing Techniques

Grow your sales number massively by developing your ability to close deals and secure your desired outcome with clients.