Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Founder’s Bonus

When you register as an Elite or VIP PBO or you upgrade yourself from any level you are.

As a gold PBO, upgrade to Elite PBO by paying N15,000 every month for 9 months

As a classic gold PBO, upgrade to Elite Gold by paying N15,000 every month for 9 months

Once you are enlisted, you will earn from time until you reach the home ownership level i.e. Level 7

You get enlisted immediately you register as an Elite/VIP Gold PBO or when you upgrade your membership

NO. You can earn Founders’ bonus even if have not yet sold any of our property or recruited somebody

Food Network

Associate PBO: Register with 1,650 to become an Associate PBO

Senior Associate: Recruit 5 associate PBOs to become a senior associate PBO and get N3,000 food voucher

Bronze Associate: Develop 5 Senior Associate PBOs to become a bronze PBO and get N6,000 food voucher.

Silver Associate: Develop 5 Bronze PBOs to become a Silver PBO and get N12,000 food stuff/voucher

Gold PBO: Develop 5 Silver PBOs and become a Gold PBO. You will not have to pay N36,000 to upgrade and if you are already a Gold PBO or above, you will get N36,000 worth of foodstuff.

Manager: As a Manager, develop 5 Assistant Managers, earn N144,000 cash and also get N42,000 worth of foodstuffs/food voucher.

PWAN Food Network started in June, 2022

The Food Voucher can be used in several Supermarkets across Nigeria, if you can't come to the Resource Centre

As a Classic Gold and above, you can also join our Stockist List if you have a Food Shop, Supermarket, Provision Store etc.

Someone who partners with the PWAN Food Network Franchise

Home Ownership

By registering as a PWAN Business Owner (PBO) with N52,650.

By becoming a Classic Gold PBO with N52,650 and making a monthly payment of at least N15,000 into your home ownership account

Every time a PBO under you recruits or subscribe for her home ownership, you earn Point Value (PV)

NO! In as much as you have accrued the amount for the plan you subscribed to whether with your monthly instalments or Point Value, you can have your home before 5 years.

Yes! You can also pay bi-monthly or quarterly.

I have only N1,650 to start as a PBO at the associate level, can I upgrade my membership later to also enjoy the home ownership plan?

Yes, you can. You will only pay N51,000 to upgrade.

Elite Gold PBO with N187,650

VIP Gold PBO with N1,537,650

N1.5million for land, then N15million and above for house.