When you have a burning desire to succeed, you can make impossible possible.

My name is Ibrahim Kabir, I joined this amazing organization in April 2016.  I had no money, no connection but I had a burning desire to make it in life.

I was invited to PWAN Business Opportunity by my dear friend Olayinka De-souza. After listening to the PWAN BUSINESS OPPORTUNY Presented by Dr. Micheal Akhuetie, I was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I am going to make it with the Opportunity presented.

The first Challenge I had was how would I raise the fund to register with the minimum amount of N1650.  I had N200 left with me that faithful day, so I borrowed N1000 from someone and N500 from another person to sign up and rest was history

My achievement with PWAN has been so amazing. I have travelled to different parts of the World, qualified for performance bonus about three times, earned millions of naira in direct and indirect commission, earn thousands of naira in recruitment bonus, I own a personal car and more importantly I have blessed a lot of my friend with this Beautiful Business Opportunity

I have received 3 outstanding awards:

  1. PBO loyalty Award
  2. Highest Sales 2021 (PWAN LEKKI
  3. AWARD of Excellence Service – PWAN GROUP

My simple advice to everyone is that Don’t Double Date your Mind.  Pick up the registration form and sign up immediately, stay focused on your business, work the talk and you will achieve success.

– Ibrahim Kabir

Who are you before PWAN?

I was working with Standard Alliance Assurance Company before the Company had issues so I stopped and when I moved from Satellite to Ajah I joined Forever Company but I only buy the Products and sale to people but did not go into the networking aspect of it because i hated anything network marketing then, some people mentioned PWAN to me then including my brother’s wife but i didn’t give a listening ear to it until sometime September 2021 I saw PWAN Signature Bogije  Promo Flyer as IGBO I calculated the commission it was huge so I started marketing it and immediately I got someone interested in it, he sent to his wife from Akure for inspection as he based outside the country, the wife came and loved the place, after the video call with him and the recorded videos we did, he was ready to pay so I called my brother’s to register me that i want to do the business now.

I immediately registered as a Classic Gold PBO to conclude the sales but the next day someone else sent voice message to my Client’s wife against PWAN and advised them to back out and immediately i called my upline to return my money that am no longer interested but she told me that is nonrefundable that the money was paid into the company’s account so i told her to tell her company that they can have the money.

December that same year(2021) two families came from Satellite-Town to celebrate Christmas and New year with us, during their stay they were saying so many things that i did for them in terms of financial assistance, food, Clothing etc which i could not even remember so when they left i told my daughter that i have join PWAN just to help people, immediately they left I called my Upline that i want to come for training and she told me that training is starting second week of January and come second week of January i joined and it has been awesome. Me that hated Network Marketing is now enjoying it because the truth is that every human being is doing networking directly or indirectly but some earn huge money from it while those that are saying that they can’t do network is indirectly doing networking for people without been paid.

In Network Marketing you earn from the effort of other people because is better to earn 1% of 100 people’s effort than to earn 100% of your effort.

Am already building my team, my brother’s wife is now my success line, that my Client’s wife is now also my success line and many more as been a Manager in this business is done and dusted, next is to become a Senior Manager by God’s Grace.

Am super grateful to God for bringing me into this Family called PWAN because in PWAN you make money, drive brand new cars, international trips and enough activities to catch fun.

What are your experience with PWAN?

My experience with PWAN is so many, I have been mentored on so many things, Recruitment, Sales, Customer and PBOs relationships Personal Development, Internet and Digital trainings and a whole lot.

I doubt if there’s any other place i would’ve been to get all that PWAN is offering me and the kind of joy am getting already.

Once more I want to thank God for bringing me to PWAN and i also thank the Founders of PWAN Our President Dr/Mrs OJ Onwumere(Mama Africa) and our Chairman Dr. Augustine Ozioma Onwumere.

Your Advice for incoming prospects:

My advice to incoming prospects is to embrace the opportunity because is an opportunity that will make you achieve everything that you will ever wish to achieve legitimately.

– Obodozie Chioma Josephine

I joined PWAN group in July 2017 and since then I have become a millionaire, I have travelled the world, gotten brand new car, plots of land, generators, chest freezers, smart Television, HP laptop and brand new Samsung galaxy phones etc.

I got introduced to the company through Mrs Ifeyinwa Ezeiruomma and thank God I registered the day she told me. God bless you for me Ify for showing me a business that has changed my life positively not only my life but my entire family. My husband is so proud of me.

My children not only happy with me but also see me as their role model. PWAN Business is not only my business but a family business as my baby of the house (1st PWAN group Child Ambassador Naza Obodo) has recruited a Classic Gold PBO, two of my daughters are Team managers and my husband is a Team Manager.

My husband is doing so well in his business but at a time we struggled to pay our bills but I thank God for PWAN Group Business Opportunity which has taken care of it. For long I have been dreaming about travelling abroad but PWAN Group business actualized it.

Through PWAN I have been to London, Dubai, Egypt, Ghana and a life time experience at the jewel of the sea (seven nights inside a five holiday cruise ship) From Dubai to Abu Dhabi to Oman all-expense paid by PWAN group. Only PWAN can do it

I made my first sales seven month after I joined PWAN group but before then I had recruited so many people in the business. The alert I received was a referral bonus within one week I joined but today I earn direct and indirect sales commission as well.

I used people’s testimonials at every PWAN success summit to recruit people in the business before I got my own testimony on February 28th, 2018. I sold a plot of land at Cedarwood Boulevard for 15.3m an outright sale. This single transaction changed my life. I became a millionaire. I got a free plus of land. 3.5kva generator and a chest freezer. Someone that was unable to sell for seven months in the business.

Exactly what Obama said “there is no magic to achievement, it is really about hard, choices and persistence”. I was persistent in marketing and recruiting and God crowned my efforts with success. Your success story is next. Get ready!

– Superstar Ambassador Anthonia Chinelo Obodo