Founder’s Club

Founder’s Club focuses on adding value through smart and customised solutions. i.e. It is made just for you. This bonus was built on the premise of inclusion based on the vision of the Founders to empower Nigeria, Africa, and the world.

The goal, therefore, is to promote shared wealth, active membership, and to provide members with the best legacy plan that will enable them to scale up and earn income for life

Ready to scale up your wealth?

Founder’s Club was launched on the 1st of August 2021, and so far, over 2000 PBOs have received their bonus. You can become a millionaire too and live the good life you have always desired.

With the Founders Club pack, you can rule your financial world today.


Get listed by Upgrading to Elite Gold or VIP Gold PBO.

If you are already a Classic Gold PBO, pay N15,000 only for 9 Months to become an Elite Gold PBO or pay N15,000 or more monthly till you become a VIP Gold PBO.

And renew your membership registration with N36,000 only.