About The Home Ownership Program

As a pioneer in the Real Estate Network Marketing Industry and following our vision of making home ownership dream a reality,

PWAN Group designed this program for her members to begin their journey towards owning their own property by subscribing to a house/land in any of the PWAN companies; and enjoying the benefit of paying for it over a period of time; for up to five years.

The PBO Home Ownership program started in May 2020, and it’s focused towards making all PBOs to own their own Homes.

A PWAN BUSINESS OWNER (PBO) is a member of the PWAN group that starts his/her PWAN business, by first subscribing for a house or land by deliberately contributing a minimum of N15,000 monthly for a home or a land.

This means that you must be a Classic Gold PBO and above to be part of the Home Ownership Program.

PWAN Business Owners program (PBO) is a program designed for every Member of the PWAN Group to enable them become Proud Owners of a Land or House ranging from N1.5m and above depending on the PBOs capability.

As a PBO, you earn in 3 different ways.

  1. You earn commission when you make sales
  2. You earn bonus when you recruit a PBO
  3. You earn point value (PV) when you recruit and make sales

As a PBO, the more PVs you get, the closer you are to owning your Home.

Every time you recruit a PBO, you earn referral bonuses and PVs
Every time a PBO recruited by you recruits or subscribes for her home ownership, you still earn PV
Every time a PBO recruited by you make his/her monthly deposit, you earn PV
Every PBO can earn PVs in 9 Levels...his or her level and 8 others.