Finding the right firm to work with is key in real estate marketing – Francisca Egbunike

Francisca Egbunike is one of the prominent players in the burgeoning real estate industry in Nigeria who has done very well by empowering very many Nigerians in terms of home ownership.

In this interview with our correspondent, she speaks about her passion for empowering people, why partnering with the right real estate company is important and other sundry issues.

Tell us how you got into the real estate business

Real Estate has always been my passion. I work as a PWAN Business Owner (PBO) at PWAN Max, one of the affiliates of Property World Network Africa (PWAN Group).

What does a PBO mean?

First, I must tell you about PWAN Group, the first real estate company to introduce network marketing model into real estate business. Within a space of nine years, PWAN Group has left indelible marks in the sector. Many competing firms in the sector have also copied the business model which has gained inviable popularity and stood PWAN Group out as a clear industry leader. PWAN Max is one of the affiliate companies of PWAN Group.

It is precisely one year old, and by the grace of God, PWAN Max has already established 35 exclusive residential in different parts of Nigeria. Now back to your question. Basically, PBO means PWAN Business Owner. As a PBO, one is not just part of the company, but also a team leader. One unique thing about a PBO is that he or she has the opportunity to empower everybody around him or her. The PBO also has a chance to become a proud owner of a piece of land in any of the company’s exquisite estate across the country, within two to five years of partnering with PWAN. Precisely, a PBO is involved in the business of selling lands to prospective property owners, and in aiding the group’s property development efforts. So, it gives you the opportunity to build your downline. As a PBO, when you make sales, you earn commission of 10 per cent to 15 per cent on each sales.

You also earn direct and indirect commission when your downline concludes any deal. The commission can run into millions of Naira depending on the volumes of sales. So it is easy to start your own journey into owning your own home, because as a PBO, on any sales your make or any recruitment or addition you make into your team you earn what we call Point Values which can be converted into money. With your point values, you can buy a property in any of our estates within the group by making N15,000 monthly deposits.

You must be very rich then?

Yes, I am rich in land because we are all about land both at PWAN Max and PWAN as a group. But let me quickly add that I became rich in land not just by recruiting other PBOs on my downline. I became rich in land through sales. Like I said earlier, being a PBO is all about making sales. When you conclude a land deal, you earn generous commission. You see, the good thing about real estate network marketing system is that you can do it from the comfort of your home while doing your regular job. You can do it as a student. You can do it as a father and it is not age restricted. As long as you are 18 and above, you can do it and earn good money.

Everybody you meet is your potential client. Everyone needs to have a peice of land to call his or her own because it adds meaning to our lives. You need land because without land there won’t be desired meaning into your future. Saving your money in the bank is just like saving into now, but when you save into real estate you save into the future.

There is no disputing the fact that you have a sweet story to tell as a real estate marketer, will you tell us the secret of your success?

Finding the right firm or platform to work with is one important factor that helps the sales efforts of a practitioner in real estate marketing. PWAN Group has nine years of excellent real estate practice. With over 23 affiliate companies including PWAN Max, the group has the largest land bank across the country and beyond which any client can choose from. That’s a huge marketing advantage that a marketer can leverage on. So, when a marketer partners with such a formidable real estate developer, he or she already has been given a large market. It’s almost impossible for his or her client not to make a choice from our vast land bank or estates.

We have properties across the nation. Now I will narrow it all to having the right network, associating with the right company like PWAN Group, that will give you large options for you potential clients to choose from. We have had several people who have testified that their lives have changed just by associating and identifying with PWAN Group even within one month of working with us. Another factor that helps our partners to excel is the importance that the group attaches to training.


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