The Easiest Way to Own A Home

PBO Home Ownership Program is the answer.

PBO Home Ownership program is a platform that accommodates everyone from all spheres of life: It doesn’t matter if it is an Entrepreneur, a white collar employee, a Student, trader, farmer, retiree, teacher, a National Youth Service Corps, a Government Worker, and even a child.

PBO benefits everybody in all demographic. With the PBO home ownership program, you can become a landlord at zero cost within five years.

Benefits of becoming a PBO

• You choose the location where you want your home or land

• Feasible and Flexible payment plan

• Accumulation of point values(PVs) on your monthly subscription.

• Enjoyment of Multi-level compensation in the form of PVs, cash, car, and travel incentives.

• Every point value accrued is translated to cash. 50% of the money is paid into your home ownership wallet, and 50% is paid into your bank account.

Starting with N52,650 you too can secure a home for yourself. Become a Classic Gold PBO today.