You can Experience Life Changing Benefits as a PBO

PWANGROUP offers great opportunities to PBOs who are intentional about their growth through the system. The PBO Compensation Plan has already helped millions of people in realizing their dreams.

Bonuses and Incentives are only the beginning of your business in PBO, you can achieve whatever status you set for yourself because PBO provides all the resources needed to reach your intended targets.

Apart from direct recruitment and sales, your growth in PWANGROUP also exposes you to compensations associated with rank progression.

You can earn:

  • 3% 2nd level indirect sales commission
  • 1.5% 3rd level indirect commission and Manager bonus of N144,000.00
  • Senior Manager bonus of N360,000.00
  • A Marketing Car valued at N2.7 million
  • Rent Subsidy worth 3 million Naira and Car Funds of 6 Million Naira
  • House worth N30 Million Naira
  • Kitchen and Household furniture worth 10 Million Naira
  • Brand New Car worth 15 Million Naira
  • All-expense paid vacation for the family of 6 consisting of Father, Mother, and Four Children under 18 years
  • 6 Million travel allowance
  • and many more…

In PBO, we believe that you can build a network that can propel you to financial freedom.

Ready to get started?